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Chemical Hair Relaxers (Perms)
 Manufacturers Knew The Risks!


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How many years have you used hair relaxers?
Have you ever had a scalp burn or scab as result of a relaxer?
Have you been diagnosed with any of the following:
Have you had a hysterectomy due to any of the above diagnoseses?

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Are you Hearing a lot these days about chemical hair relaxers and straighteners commonly called "perms".? Talk to a lawyer who knows what a "perm burn" and "scalp scabs" feel like! No fun!


Little did we know about "the high costs of beauty"!..... Oh, the price we paid for beauty!

Some popular chemical hair relaxer products could have dangerous health consequences. A National Institute of Health ( NIH) study recently published in October 2022 found a connection between women who regularly used chemical hair relaxers products and uterine cancer:


Black and brown women who used chemical hair relaxers more than 4 X a year were at a greater risk of developing uterine cancer (endometrial and uterine cancer).


You might be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one received an ovarian or uterine cancer diagnosis after using a chemical hair relaxer.


For a free case evaluation to see if you qualify and have a free personal consultation with an actual attorney, Not an Attorney Spokesperson, call our offices at 410-883-9788.

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