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Black bowl with hair perm and application brush along with a smaller black bowl with a black separating comb

Chemical Relaxers (Perms)

Representation You Can Trust

Studies have shown that exposure to the chemicals in hair relaxer products can cause uterine cancer and other conditions resulting in a hysterectomy.


At Addison -Darden Law, we are currently seeking hair relaxer hysterectomy cases.

We are here for you.  Only pay if we win.

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Truck Accidents

Compassionate Counsel

Maryland is a major trucking route, as it connects to the entire Eastern Seaboard through I-95 and runs through large areas of the western United States via Route U. S. Route 70, which runs from Woodlawn, Maryland, to Colorado. The increase of Truck drivers passing through Maryland increases the risk of being in a truck or car collision with a commercial vehicle.

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Driver's dashboard with hand on wheel about to have a front end collision with an oncoming white and black truck.
Desktop showing a stethescope, wooden gavel with gold trim and a clipboard that has a paper with the title "Medical Malpractice"


Advocates for Justice

Unfortunately, mistakes happen in the medical field and can be devastating. We have the experience and have recovered millions in settlements for our clients. Text 410 -707-9878 to request to speak directly to attorney Evelyn Darden for a free evaluation of your medical malpractice matter.


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Representing With Respect

We handle large and small injuries resulting from car accidents, drowning, police misconduct, and other matters resulting in personal injury.

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Front driver's seat of a car with the airbag deployed in the steering wheel.

Camp Lejeune Claim Client Testimonial:

"Mark and Evelyn are making everyone aware of this problem destroying families. My husband had to suffer and die, but now we are eligible for compensation for our family's pain. Thank God for Addison-Darden."

- Addison Darden Client

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Main Line: 410-760-6077

Camp Lejeune Hotline:


(855-327-3365 )

Chemical Hair Relaxer Hotline:


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