Areas of Focus

Our firm approaches every case as unique. We tailor our approach to each individual client and to his or her particular set of circumstances. There is no "typical" case. The constant is the dedication and level of skill brought to bear in each law matter.


Our office continues to handle large and small injuries resulting from automobile accidents, drowning, police misconduct, and other matters resulting in the injuries of the person.


If your child has been expelled from school, accused of breaking school regulations, we can represent you. From in-school meetings to the Appeal process of assisting in reinstating your child within a County school in the State of Maryland.


Our office knows all too well the difficult time someone has when they mourn a loved one. By providing Estate Administration services to our clients, we can provide a reasonable comfort to you by making sure that your loved one's real and personal property, debts, distributions, and wishes are administered properly.


Addison-Darden should be your first contact for any medical related injuries including but not limited to: Birth Injuries of your child, surgical complications, and medical misdiagnoses of a serous injury. Make us your first contact, as the right attorney makes all the difference in cases of this nature.


Addison-Darden continues to provide personalized services for persons seeking the preparation of a Will, Power of Attorney or Guardianship for the elderly or minor child. These are prepared at a reasonable rate and filed with the respective Register of Wills office or Land Records office in the county which the land is located.


Due to our experience in the area of criminal law and the reputation of Evelyn O. A. Darden as a former State's Attorney, the office continues to handle criminal cases in the District Court as well as the Circuit Court in Maryland. The office has provided outstanding criminal defense in misdemeanors as well as felony cases to the satisfaction of clients and their families.